Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Co-op?

    A Co-op, or cooperative, is a member-owned, democratically-governed business, designed to meet the needs of its members.

2. What are the benefits of joining the Co-op?

    Joining the Co-op is the best way to support our mission to expand market opportunities for local farmers, increase access to affordable, locally grown food, and generate jobs and revenue streams for our local economy.

     Additional benfits to joining include a quarterly discount of 10% off any one checkout of your choice, access to special orders, and discounts on in-store bulk purchases, such as 1 lbs bags of Frontier spices and teas. 

   Becoming a Member-Owner means that you will own a portion of the business and have voting rights at our Annual Meeting.

3. How do I join?

    To become a Member-Owner, please ask the cashier for a form at the register. We can accept cash, checks, or cards to pay the $125 fee. A payment plan is available.

5. Do you have a household membership?

     A: Yes, we do have a household membership. If two adults in the same household would like to join the Co-op together, please put both names on the New Member-Owner application. Household members may use the Member-Owner ID card for Member-Owner exclusive discounts and specials. However, please be aware that for voting in the business, only one (1) vote will be given per Member-Owner number. If two adults in the same household each want to have a vote, they will each need to pay the $125 equity investment to become a Member-Owner, and they will each be issued a separate ID card. 

6. Do I have to be a Member-Owner to shop at the Co-op? 

     No, you do not have to be a Member-Owner to shop at the Co-op; everyone is welcome.

7. Will I have to work in the Co-op if I join?

    No, you will not be required to work at the Co-op as a Member-Owner. 

8. Our store is open from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Wednesday-Sunday.

9. What products will you sell?

     We offer products from several local vendors, as well as a wide range of organic and bulk foods. We have will include local meat and produce, honey, organic and fair-trade coffee and tea, bulk food items, and personal care items. As more Member-Owners join, we will modify and expand our product selection to further meet the needs of our Member-Owners, based on the feedback we receive.