COVID-19 Protocols
and Sanitary Measures

As the number of COVID-19 infections in our area rises, we are following the current CDC and Maryland covidLINK guidelines and recommendations. Our goal is to keep our co-op doors open so that we can continue to provide our community with healthy and sustainable food, while keeping our members and staff healthy and preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Mask Display

Our staff, volunteers, and board members are required to be vaccinated and wear face masks while in the co-op. 


In addition, our staff, volunteers, and board members are practicing the following precautions and sanitary measures:

·         We wash and sanitize hands regularly.

·         We sanitize high contact areas regularly.

·         We don’t share any eating or drinking utensils.

·         We stay six feet away from one another if job responsibilities allow.

·         We practice social distancing by having one crew member to a work area.

·         We don’t touch one another.

·         We limit our restrooms to employee use only. 


To help us stay safe and keep our doors open, we ask that you do the following: 

·         Wear face masks that completely cover the nose and mouth at all times while inside the Co-op.

·         Sanitize your hands when entering the Co-op and at any time your hands get soiled while in the Co-op.

          We have made hand sanitizer available at the Co-op entrance and around the shopping floor.

·         Refrain from eating while shopping inside at the Co-op. 

·         Stay home if you are experiencing COVID symptoms or if you test positive for COVID-19, whether or not you are vaccinated.

          We are asking you not to enter the building to protect our Co-op community.

·         Have a crew member shop for you and utilize curb-side pickup if you’re feeling sick or experiencing any COVID symptoms.

         We are happy to assist you in this way and can recommend healthy foods to boost your immunity and help along your recovery journey.



We offer curbside pickup each day between 12pm-5pm. To have a crew member shop on your behalf, please call 301-689-3120 to provide us with your shopping list and schedule a pick-up time. Payment can be made by credit card over the phone or by cash upon pick-up.


We appreciate your compliance with the above safety precautions and continued support of Wholesome Harvest Food Co-op. We are very grateful for our members and the amazing Frostburg community and promise to do our best to keep our co-op doors open to you while staying safe.