How do I join?

Updated 3/30/2020:

Wholesome Harvest Co-op is currently closed for regular business until at least April 9, 2020.

If you wish to join the Co-op at this time, please make your payment with the Paypal button below. 

An equity share is a one-time cost of $125.


The $125 must be paid all at once for right now. Using the PayPal Button on our website also incurs a $5 Transaction fee, for a total of $130.

When normal business resumes, we will offer a payment plan for Memberships.  This will include a down payment of $25 and four quarterly payments of $25. 

If you have already begun the payment plan but are not current on payments, you are still considered a full member. We will work out details to resume collecting balances due in the future.

Joining the Co-op means purchasing a legal equity share, meaning the purchaser owns part of the business. Membership is connected to a single individual.


The member's household may use the discounts and member card, but only the individual connected to the share may vote and run for the Board of Directors. 

You may also pay for a Membership online with the PayPal button below

(please be aware there is a $5 service charge to take this form of payment)

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