COVID-19 Information

In accordance with CDC recommendations we have implemented additional precausions into our daily operations.

Including the following:  

Cleaning + Disinfection

Employees are provided with with disinfectants + cleaners that are effective against the virus to be used on frequently touched surfaces + beyond.


Employee Education

WHFC has constructed a protocol for all employees as a guide to use to reference our new policies, procedures + cleaning/disinfecting. As well as informing them about steps they can take to protect themselves at work + home.


Mask Wearing

All employees and customers must wear appropriate cloth face coverings when in store to protect themselves + prevent spread from respiratory droplets.


Social Distancing

We have altered our workspace to help workers + customers maintain social distancing + physically seperate employees + customers when possible through: - Marked 6 ft between register + customer -Meetings are being conducted virtually -Curbside pick-up + delivery options -Bathrooms have been closed to the public